10 best Lego toy trains

Toys have become an increasingly important part of children’s lives, and they are the most popular form of entertainment in America.

So how does one go about building a Lego train?

We went to a Lego factory in the Netherlands to find out.

A Lego train is a model train that can be assembled and disassembled from a set of bricks, with its main features being its wheels, rails and the main frame.

The first Lego trains were made in the 1920s, and it wasn’t until the mid-1960s that Lego began to create new models that could be easily assembled and sold.

The idea of assembling a model with a set number of bricks was first proposed by the German toy designer Wilhelm Wiese in the mid 1940s, who said that Lego models should be assembled in two steps: from the top, the base, and the middle.

The Lego factory’s founder, Pieter Munk, was interested in assembling a toy train with a number of different components.

To do so, he first had to build a model.

“It was a challenge,” he said.

“It was hard, but I think I succeeded.”

Lego’s first train came in 1949, but the company never completed it.

In 1951, Lego started to develop models in a more industrial, concrete-block style.

“I wanted to make a train with legs that were very, very thick,” Munk said.

He added, “The only way to do it was to make it out of concrete, so you couldn’t bend it, you couldn.

You could just twist it.”

The company went to the Netherlands in 1955, and Munk built his first model in a workshop in the city of Drenthe.

“In the beginning I didn’t have any money,” Mink said.

He and his colleagues assembled the model in the workshop for two weeks, and then they built it in a factory in Ghent, Belgium.

“Then they took the train to the workshop in Drenthen and then it was delivered to the company, which was an important part,” Moot said.

A few months later, they had to wait for the train’s owner to show up at the factory.

That’s when Munk and his team had to figure out how to make the model.

They first had two parts to build, which were attached to the frame of the train.

To get around this, they built a second part on top of the first.

“So we had to take two parts of the model and build them in two pieces,” Mankus said.

They then assembled the train using four screws and two bolts.

The next step was to put the train into the assembly room.

The workers made the train as thin as possible and placed it in the assembly area.

Then, the model was placed on the assembly platform and the train was put into motion.

Munk described the process as “the best of two worlds.”

“The first part was a little bit boring, the second part was really fun,” he recalled.

“Because we have two parts, we have a lot of freedom.

But also because the parts are connected, we can easily do things with the model.”

The company had to use a high-speed motor to accelerate the model to speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

After building the train, the company had a second test run.

In order to test how well the train could withstand being thrown by a tractor, the workers built a small tractor-trailer and ran it at high speed.

The train held up for a long time and was able to carry a cargo of 50 Lego bricks, Munk noted.

Munk said he was very happy with the train and that the model helped him become an engineer.

For Munk’s company, he said, it was the biggest accomplishment in the history of Lego.

“There are many things that Lego has created in the past, but it is a big one,” Mckus said, adding that he has seen the company grow to more than 1,500 employees worldwide.

As for how the model fared in the testing process, Mink didn’t say much.

He did say that the company plans to build another model of the same size that will go into production.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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