A wild kratting pet could be a good investment

A wild cat could be an investment you want to make, a pet store owner said Wednesday.

The store owner who owns the krat, named Gummy, said he wanted to share his story of survival with anyone who is interested in buying the cat.

“We’re not really interested in selling it.

It’s a pet that we keep and care for,” Gummy said in an interview with the National Zoo and Aquarium of the Pacific.

He said the cats are friendly, but he doesn’t know much about their owners.

“They’re like little pets,” Gumbo said.

“They have their own personalities, but I can’t really tell you.

They’re all wild.”

The pet store is offering the cat for $25 and it comes with a leash, leash clips, a litter box, a treat for the cat, and a crate.

Gumbo also said he has purchased another wild kitty, called Kitty, and they’re both very friendly.

Gumbo said he decided to try out kratters when he saw a video of the pets and decided to make a trip to the park and watch a kitty play with the cats.

“I’m a big fan of wild animals and kitty cat,” Gumbosaid.

“That’s something I’m passionate about.

I’m a very active person and love to go to the parks, I love to ride my bike, and that’s what I do.

It just so happens that there are cats out there that are very friendly.”

Gumbo has been making kitty videos on YouTube and Facebook since he started filming.

His videos have garnered more than 50,000 views, and he said he’s had about 400 friends request him to record videos for their kitty.

Gumbo said he also wants to make his videos accessible to people who are less familiar with wild animals.

“People don’t know that the kitty is actually an animal.

They don’t understand that they are wild,” Gummysaid.”

The kitty will go off and explore and chase other cats, and if you try to take her off, she will just chase you,” Gummo said.”

If you want a cat, I’m not interested in getting one from anyone, so why would I want to have one that is aggressive?”

Gumbo told ABC News that he had been keeping cats in his house for about six years before he started his YouTube channel.

He started recording videos about kitty cats in October and posted them on the website in January.

He also posted a video about the kitties on his Facebook page last month.

“It was just a fun hobby, just me trying to do what I love and being around these kittys,” Gimbosaid, who now lives in Georgia, told ABC affiliate KATU.

“These are the kind of cats that you would want in your backyard.

I’ve never had one before, and it just happened to be a very happy cat.”

Gumbos YouTube channel has been viewed more than 1.8 million times and has been watched more than 20 million times.

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