Blues clues toys reveal rex’s toy story

A toy company in Kansas is selling rex toys to fans who want to see what the furry marsupial looks like, and some of them are getting pretty big.

On the front of a box of rex reels, a man with a long black mustache and a mustache beard can be seen playing with a rex plush toy.

A man in a mask wearing a hooded sweatshirt is sitting in front of another rex-shaped toy, while a woman wearing a ski mask sits in front.

A rex was a marsupials favorite toy, and the company, The Rex Company, said they will sell up to four rexes.

The rexs come in two sizes, which is why the company has them in both sizes.

The company said the rexes are also great for kids to play with because they can be folded into any play structure.

They come in three colors: red, white and blue.

Some are also available in two-color, three-color and three-in-one versions.

The company said they have more rexes in the works.

I’ve been wanting to try one, said one of the owners of the rex company, Chris Burt.

I saw an ad on YouTube, and I was like, ‘Oh, wow, what do I do?’

I just got it out of my mind and wanted to get it.

So I bought it.

The rexes can be purchased online, and they’re going for about $80 each.

The owners of The Repx Company said they plan to sell them to stores, and there are plans to put the reXs in the hands of people with disabilities.

They also sell rexes to parents.

Burt said they’ve sold over 1,000 rexes, and most of them have been purchased by kids, which he said is good.

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