Chica toys, dolls, and more in the latest news

Toy stores across Australia are being forced to close due to a surge in demand for Chica toy storage products.A toy store owner in the northern state of South Australia told the ABC he had been overwhelmed with requests from customers looking to purchase Chica products after the retail giant was forced to shut downRead More

How to buy sex toys and get your money’s worth

A year after the Obama administration banned all sales of the sex toy brand, which was also known as the G-spot, the makers of these “lifestyle” toys are now making their own.“I’m just happy to see that the Trump administration is starting to see the need for us to continue to do business with them,”Read More

‘Bumblebee’ Toys to Come: The First Release in 2018

Next Big Entertainment has announced that it is releasing toys from the animated TV series ‘BUMBLEBEE’, along with other new products.Next Big is set to launch three new products in 2018.The toys will be available for pre-order beginning August 12, 2018.‘Bump’ and ‘Bully’ have been released in the US and Europe, while ‘Bumper’ will beRead More

The boys in pink: What do the ELMO toys have in common?

The ELMO toy line was introduced in 2006 by Toyland and is now the biggest toy brand in the world.Elmo toys are a new kind of toy and are marketed towards kids and young adults, but the range of toys has also been popular for its affordability.With so many brands of toys, it is importantRead More

Child’s toys are for sale in the toy aisle at Toys ‘R’ Us

Toys ‘r’ Us, a major retailer of children’s products, has a toy aisle full of little toys.But some children’s toys and other products are being sold in the non-child category.Some of the toys in the toys ‘r” Us toys ‘n’ toys aisle, pictured, are designed for toddlers and are not for children over two.The toysRead More

How to make your own Bakugan toy blast –

Baking soda is one of the most commonly used preservatives in the home, but the good news is you don’t have to worry about it.It is in fact an essential ingredient in the baking soda you are using, and it is in the form of a natural preservative.This means that even if you have aRead More

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal robot dog

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s pet robot is a product of Facebook’s work on robotics, according to a new report.The report, which was published by Axios, says the bot is designed to help Zuckerberg “find and connect with people who are connected to Facebook.”Zuckerberg has previously made the connection between technology and human connection, but the reportRead More

When you buy a toy box, you don’t need to worry about its contents—you can be sure of the quality, the toys you’ll get, and how much it will cost you

By now you’ve probably been looking at dog toys online for some time now, and you’re probably wondering what you can expect from your new purchase.Are they toys you can play with?Are they things that will grow in your pet’s enclosure?What about the content?And are they toys that will have a long-term lasting effect onRead More

When Toys for Tots is coming to the U.S.A.

It’s a time of year when the country is full of family fun, and the Toys for Toys brand is bringing the holiday to the United States.But when you’re looking for something fun for your dog, Toys for Children’s Toy Shop is your best bet.In fact, the toy maker has decided to open a storeRead More

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