‘Dance Dance Revolution’: Toys that let kids dance

Teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area are calling for more than just toys to be put in their classrooms.

The teachers of the San Jose Unified School District are pushing to put more interactive games and playthings in classrooms.

Teachers say they’re not sure how to get their students to learn without a lot of interaction.

“It’s not a simple task to bring more interactive content into the classroom,” said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo.

Students are learning to dance in a game called “Dance-Dance Revolution,” but they’re also learning to read and write in the interactive app.

Teacher Stephanie Stoddard says it’s important for the students to know they can go home to read or write on their own.

“They should feel comfortable enough to leave the classroom and come back and get something to do,” she said.

Teaching methods are a big part of what makes “Dive-Dive Revolution” work, said Edythe Kuczkowski, who is the game’s creator.

“We try to use the same game that we’ve been teaching for years, and then try to do a few little things that are not necessarily what you’re used to,” she explained.

Some teachers are trying to get more games into classrooms by giving them to their students.

The Bay Area teachers want to make sure they have the skills they need.

“There are a lot more toys than we have time for, and we have to have a certain level of creativity and skill to be able to be creative,” said Julie DeCrow.

The San Jose Teachers Union says it wants to see more games in schools, so parents have options.

“I think that’s the first step, because we have so many different games out there,” said Kuczynski.

“Dive Dance Revolution” is available for free to kids ages 4 to 8.

Teresa Garcia, who teaches preschool and grades 6 to 9, said it’s really about finding ways to use different toys.

“Some toys have so much variety in them that they can be used for anything.

It’s really good for kids to get creative and do different things,” she added.

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