How to make a LEGO car for kids

It is the summertime of the car, and kids are looking for toys for their cars.

In addition to their own cars, some of them want to get into cars with other kids, too.

There are a lot of different LEGO models available, and these kids are all looking for the same thing.

“I think kids want to have LEGO cars for themselves,” says the CEO of LEGO’s US manufacturing arm, the company says.

And kids are definitely in for a treat this year.

LEGO is showing off its new car line, and it has been very successful.

LEGO’s newest car, the R32, has been sold to Disney in the US for $1.4 billion.

The R32 is a full-size car, but it has three parts that make it even bigger.

It has four wheels, and three of those wheels are a new addition to the LEGO line.

It also has a high-tech powertrain that has a hybrid motor.

And, like the other new cars in the line, the car also has room for a child.

“This is the first LEGO car with a battery that can be charged in the car,” says Jeffery Houghton, the head of LEGO US.

“It’s also a very big car, so you’ll have to be a little bit careful about how much power you have on the battery.”

LEGO has been building its toy division for over 50 years.

And now it has a new product line, with a lot more space for kids to play with.

That’s right, this is one big LEGO car line.

But unlike the cars the company builds for its customers, this one will be a kid-friendly toy.

LEGO has partnered with toy company Rota, which specializes in making children’s toy lines, to bring in its R32 model.

And it has added two more vehicles to the line: the R33 and the R35.

The first car comes in a black and orange colorway, the white and silver colorways, and the green and purple colorways.

The model is the same size as the one on the right, and can fit into a lot larger spaces than the R31.

In fact, the new R32 comes with a big trunk, which the other cars can only fit in a tiny one.

The car is actually a two-seater, with three doors.

There’s also room in the trunk for a lot bigger toys.

“The R32 has a lot in common with the R25, which is an all-new car that’s coming out,” says Houghtons marketing director for Rota’s Cars division, James Peltz.

The two-seat R32 gets some new touches like a roof that’s more open and has a more aggressive grille.

The rear window is also more curved.

“There’s also an air intake, and you can get a lot further out than you normally can with a normal R32,” Peltus says.

That roof also has an adjustable roof height.

It’s the same kind of roof as the R28, but with a new design, which adds extra ventilation.

The new R33 also has new touches, like a heated steering wheel, and an upgraded suspension.

The steering wheel also gets a new shape.

The wheel has a big hexagonal head that is more rectangular.

And the rear bumper also has some new features like a more rounded side profile, which makes it more comfortable to sit on.

The biggest changes come in the paint scheme.

“In terms of styling, there’s a lot that we’ve been able to do to get that R32 look,” Poth said.

“And the design of the wheels and the front bumper, the grille and the side reflector have all been enhanced, as well.”

The R33 is also available with a larger trunk, but that’s a separate price.

And because it’s a full size car, it will only fit into very small spaces.

The big difference between the two models is the battery.

The bigger the battery, the more powerful the electric motor, which will get you about 200 miles on a single charge.

The smaller the battery size, the less power it will have, so the battery will have to charge more often.

The larger the battery the less it can charge at once, so it can last for less time.

The batteries in the R16 and R31 are a little more expensive, and they last longer.

But that’s not a problem for the R37, which starts at $1,495, and will cost $1 the first time you buy it.

The price goes up for the next model, the B32, which goes from $1 to $1 of each $1 you pay for the first one.

That means if you pay $1 for the second and third battery, you can buy the B33 for $2.95.

And if you buy a third battery for the third time, you’ll get two batteries for $3.95 each

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