Playmobil Toys Reveal Their First-Ever Venom Toy

Toys R Us has revealed that they will be offering a brand new Venom toy line at the beginning of 2018, with more to come in 2019.

The Venom line, which includes toys for the popular Spider-Man movie series, has been a long-awaited part of the toy-buying experience, with Marvel and Hasbro offering exclusive releases of the characters and their respective toys at the toy’s introduction.

Now, the company has confirmed that they’ll be launching a new line of Venom toys that will be available at retailers around the world in 2019, and that the first two are scheduled to launch in August and September.

The line will feature six different toys that come with their own accessories, including two Venom-branded toys.

“We are incredibly excited to finally reveal these six new Venom toys at retail,” Playmobiles Chief Executive Officer Mark Meche said in a statement.

“With these toys, we’re providing an unprecedented level of customization and design flexibility, and we’re bringing our iconic Venom character to the masses.

We’re thrilled to have these new toys on our shelves, and look forward to the exciting launch of this Venom line later this year.”

The line includes the Venom-themed “Venom: The Vulture,” “The Venom-Mouthpiece,” “Venus-Rattlesnake,” “the Venom-Skeleton,” and “the Vulture-Rattle.”

The new Venom line will come in two colors: a black-and-white design with a white hood and blue paint scheme, and a red design with yellow paint scheme.

The first two Venom toys will be sold exclusively at retail, with the remaining three Venom-related toys coming in both white and black versions.

Each Venom-specific toy comes with its own custom accessories, such as the Venom Venom-Mask, the Venom Spinning Iron, and the Venom Sling.

The new line will be offered through several Playmobile locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Mechel said that the toys will cost around $60 to $70, but that it would be possible to get them for as little as $15.

“As we approach the summer season, we are excited to see these new products on shelves and in stores,” he said.

“In the coming months, we’ll be releasing more Venom Venom toys to bring the line to more locations and more customers.”

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