Which animal toys are worth the money?

The animals in Bryan Ryan’s Toys for Tots are a little more than toys for the squeamish.They’re some of the most highly rated toys on Amazon, and some of them have made the top 50 best-selling toys on the site.But there are some major differences between the toys in Toys for Tykes and the toysRead More

How can you tell if a baby toy is a baby?

When it comes to finding baby toys that are good for your baby, there’s one thing you definitely want to know: Is it a baby or a toy?If a baby is a toy, it’s probably not a baby.For this reason, if a toy isn’t a baby, you should consider it a toy.But if a dollRead More

How to Buy Dinosaur Toys in Crypto (CryptoNews)

Crypto coins have been making waves recently with a huge spike in price.The trend was not just limited to cryptocurrency, but is also evident in the toy market, which is now exploding with many new toy companies coming to market.The toy market has been booming in the last few years with the introduction of theRead More

Halo toys will be made in Australia

Halo toys are set to be made on Australian soil.The company, known as Halo Toys, announced on Thursday that it will be making its first product outside of the US.The toy maker said it will make its first Halo toys in Australia.“We will bring the Halo franchise to Australia,” CEO Paul Pardo said.“Halo: Reach isRead More

‘Dance Dance Revolution’: Toys that let kids dance

Teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area are calling for more than just toys to be put in their classrooms.The teachers of the San Jose Unified School District are pushing to put more interactive games and playthings in classrooms.Teachers say they’re not sure how to get their students to learn without a lot of interaction.“It’sRead More

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