The best of ‘Sid & Matt’s’ ‘Sidd &amp. Matt’s’: Sid &amp.; Matt’s ‘Sidelining’

“We’re not doing this for our fans,” Matt says, “but because we want to make sure we make a good product for our players.

The idea that they’re going to be like, ‘I’m going to have to buy this because I’m the biggest fan in the world, and I’m going be like the guy who’s sitting next to the dude who has this big chest and that’s really intimidating,’ I just think that’s not going to happen.”

Matt says the game plan is to build a team around its core group of players and then work toward its broader goal of building a roster that can win.

He’s optimistic about his players’ ability to learn from the mistakes of the past, but also excited about the opportunities they’ll have as they grow up.

“It’s a learning process,” he says.

“When you’re a rookie, the first year, you’re probably a little nervous.

But as you get to know guys and as you play with them, you see a lot of positives, a lot more positives than negatives.”

Matt’s team will be a rookie-friendly, “new” version of the Falcons.

The first thing the team will do will be to add veteran veterans.

They’ll look to the future to add another veteran to the roster.

Matt says they’ll also look to their young, up-and-coming players for potential roles.

“I think that the first two years is where we’re going,” Matt explains.

“We’ll see where we go with that.

We’ll look at our guys and make sure that they can do what they can to help this team win.

We’ve got a lot to learn.

We’re not going there just to try to make a quick buck.”

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