“Toy” is back: Toys “that really sell”

“Toys are the new candy.”

“Toyland” and other parks have a new theme park.

The latest trend in pop culture is the “fantasy” world of toys.

“It is time for us to celebrate the art of making toys,” said Mattel Chairman and CEO John F. Kennedy Jr. at a conference in London, England, on Wednesday.

“We are going to take our toys and make them our world.”

Kennedy’s remarks were his first since he was appointed chief executive of the toy giant.

The announcement came a day after the Toy Fair International, which represents toy makers, announced it would be expanding the number of brands it allows to enter the toy market, allowing more brands to be made in China.

Toy Fair also announced that the company would increase the size of its toy factory in China to help it meet demand.

But the toys company also revealed a number of new products, including a new line of “Fantastic Four” action figures and a line of toys inspired by “Star Wars.”

Mattel’s Kennedy has said the company has sold more than 6 million toys in China since its launch in 2006.

The company has said it plans to bring the number in China up to about 9 million by 2020.

Mattel says it plans a “fantastic” 10 million figure line.

In a separate press release, Kennedy said the “biggest thing” that had changed about Mattel since 2006 is that “our people are so excited to come here and work.”

The company will also be able to focus on its new headquarters, which is slated to open in the second half of 2018.

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