When the robots take over, the toys that were meant to be fun become a reality

Toys that once seemed like fun, like the ones you buy in the toy store, will become reality as soon as a robot takes over the toys market, says a new report.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that toy company Imaginext said it has “substantial” plans to sell toys that are powered by robotics, and that it has already sold “toy machines,” like the toy version of the Terminator that was the first movie to be released on home video, to movie theaters.

The Terminator toy line, which is owned by Legendary Pictures, is not yet available.

“Imaginext plans to build an entire line of toys using robotics and the technology that comes with them, with a focus on the kids, says Steve Hsieh, president and CEO of Imaginext.

The idea is to create a whole new way to engage with kids and build an engaging toy line that brings a new kind of play to the entertainment industry.”

The company’s announcement comes as more and more companies like Amazon and Walmart are turning their sights on toys.

Last month, Walmart, which has a deep pockets, announced plans to begin selling its own line of gaming and robotics toys in stores starting in 2021.

That could have a major impact on the toys industry as more companies compete for the kids.

According to the report, toy makers are already working on new products, but they won’t be available for the foreseeable future.

The companies behind these products will have to create new ways to interact with children, and the new technologies they develop will need to be compatible with existing toy brands, the report said.

The report also said Imaginext is working on developing new products based on robotics, but it is unclear whether those products will be able to compete with the companies already developing robots.

The toy companies have already started creating their own robotic products.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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