Which toy is the world’s smallest?

It’s the world record holder for the world smallest toy, a toy that looks like a stuffed elephant but is a toy for toddlers and little ones.

 The toy, which has a diameter of 6cm, was sold in Singapore on March 12 and is being offered for sale in Singapore and Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the toy sold for $11,800, and in Singapore, the price was $18,400.

It has also been offered for $19,900 in Singapore but the online listing said that it was unavailable in the country.

“There are a lot of kids in the world who are getting their hands on this toy,” said the seller.

According to toy expert Dr Suresh Kumar, it is not possible for the toy to be smaller than the diameter of the palm of a hand.

Kumar added that this toy is more suitable for older children, who can also play with the other toys in the toy box.

He added that it is unlikely that this tiny toy would be available in Singapore.

The toy has a circumference of about 4cm and a diameter around 7.5cm.

Dr Suresen Kumar said that the toy is also suitable for younger children, which would not be able to use it in their daily activities.

Another expert said that this is the first time that a toy has sold for more than $19k in a country.

According to the toy manufacturer, the doll is sold as part of its Kids’ Toys line.

They also offer other toys, such as stuffed animals, balls, dolls and other toys for toddlers.

The doll is the third of its kind, following the smaller toy that sells for $12,200 and the smaller and smaller doll that sells at $7,000.

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