Why do you want to drive a toy car?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple.

You want to make a car.

But if you’re an automotive engineer, it’s actually quite complicated.

The automotive industry is still in its infancy.

Cars have only been around for a few years, and the first cars that are expected to be produced are likely to be far more limited in size and complexity than the most recent models.

In order to make them, the manufacturers have to build a few million cars and spend millions of dollars building them.

It’s no wonder, then, that the vast majority of the cars currently in production are the smallest of any kind of vehicle imaginable.

That’s why we’re not talking about the most powerful cars or even the most expensive models.

What we’re talking about is the most basic car ever made.

This is the car that was developed to fit into the confines of a simple, simple box.

It’s a Ford Mustang, the most popular and recognizable car in the world.

It was developed by the Ford Motor Company, the American automotive company that owns the rights to Ford’s trademark.

Like many cars of its era, the Mustang was originally built to be driven by a single person.

But the Mustang is more than that.

The Mustang was designed to be a family car.

It became so popular because of its low price and ease of maintenance.

In addition to being cheap to maintain, the car’s low weight also made it a great choice for families who wanted a car that could go places quickly.

Ford wanted to sell the Mustang as a family vehicle because it wanted to give families a convenient way to move around.

The car was designed specifically for families, and Ford wanted to make sure that all of its customers could enjoy it.

The family car is very well suited to small cars like the Ford Mustang.

The vehicle was designed with a small, lightweight chassis that would fit inside of the trunk of a car like the Chevrolet Corvette.

Ford wanted the Mustang to be able to take on a wide variety of different situations, like the kind of car that would get you to your job.

This is the same concept that makes the Volkswagen Beetle a great family car: it was designed so that it could fit inside the trunk or the backseat of a smaller car.

This makes the Beetle a very good choice for small cars.

It can easily fit into a trunk, which makes it easy to carry around and to transport around.

That trunk is also a great place to put your keys and other valuables.

The Ford Mustang is not a small car.

The dimensions of the car are actually very large, with a total weight of over 1,100 pounds.

The body is a heavy-duty steel chassis that has a total length of over 500 feet.

It weighs over 1 million pounds.

That weight is a huge number, but it is balanced by the car itself.

The design of the Ford car is so simple that even the Ford engineers who designed the car did not realize how small it really was.

Ford’s engineers did realize this.

The Ford engineers had designed the Ford Ford Mustang to fit inside a compact, low-profile car like a compact sports car, which means that the car could fit into an SUV.

The designers of the Mustang knew that this would be the ideal design for families.

The only problem was that most families were very limited in how big they could fit a small Ford car in their car.

This was not a problem for the Ford family.

They could fit their Ford Mustang into a tiny SUV, but they didn’t have any choice.

Ford had to build large, expensive vehicles to make it affordable for families like the Mustang.

Ford had been developing the Ford Car since the late 1960s.

Ford’s engineers knew that the Ford cars needed to be incredibly light and powerful, so they had developed a body-on-frame design.

The idea was to use a body that was as strong as a conventional car body, but as lightweight as possible.

The result was the Ford-designed body that had a total mass of about 1,200 pounds.

The body of the body- on-frame Ford Mustang was not lightweight.

The weight of the aluminum body was actually quite large, which meant that the weight of all the aluminum parts of the vehicle combined made the Ford body heavier than a conventional vehicle.

The lighter the body, the heavier the engine, which was the main reason that the Mustang’s body was so heavy.

The large mass of the large aluminum parts was the reason why the Mustang had a weight of about one-quarter of a ton.

As a result, the weight and mass of most Ford cars was very high, which made the weight ratio on the Ford design extremely high.

That ratio, combined with the low weight, meant that most of the weight carried by the body of a Ford car was carried by two major components: the body itself and the front axle of the front wheel.

The front axle is the center of mass of a vehicle, and it is

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